Thursday, 11 February 2016


Conducting Workplace Investigations

Action needed. Whilst most personnel problems can usually be resolved quickly and informally, there are occasions where a formal sanction is more appropriate. Before any disciplinary sanction can be imposed on an employee, the employer must undertake a thorough and reasonable investigation. If it doesn't and the employee is later dismissed, their dismissal can only be unfair.

Step by step. As it's this process that generally trips employers up, Acas has released free guidance on conducting workplace investigations. It covers topics such as investigation preparation; the investigator's role; gathering evidence; report writing and what to do once the investigation is completed. If you or someone in your business needs to conduct an investigation it's well worth downloading and following the guidance.

Tip. Throughout the guidance, "must" is used where something is a legal requirement. The word "should" indicates what Acas considers to be a good employment practice for employers.

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