Saturday, 16 July 2016

EU Trade - Brexit: what happens now?

Does the decision to leave the EU mean that your business can now completely ignore all European legislation?

Although we've voted to leave the EU, you must continue to comply with all EU-derived laws as normal. This may change after our official exit date but everything depends on the agreed departure terms.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

HMRC's new guidance on business travel

Business travel expenses which you pay or reimburse to your employees are now exempt from tax and NI, as long as HMRC's conditions are met. What are these and how can you be sure of meeting them?

To be exempt, an expense must be "wholly, exclusively and necessarily" for the purpose of the employee's job. Use HMRC's revised guide to travel expenses (Booklet 490) to help you decide if the exemption applies. As long as you can show you followed its advice you cannot be held liable for getting it wrong.

Tax credit deadline - renew online

Thursday, 11 February 2016


Conducting Workplace Investigations

Action needed. Whilst most personnel problems can usually be resolved quickly and informally, there are occasions where a formal sanction is more appropriate. Before any disciplinary sanction can be imposed on an employee, the employer must undertake a thorough and reasonable investigation. If it doesn't and the employee is later dismissed, their dismissal can only be unfair.

Step by step. As it's this process that generally trips employers up, Acas has released free guidance on conducting workplace investigations. It covers topics such as investigation preparation; the investigator's role; gathering evidence; report writing and what to do once the investigation is completed. If you or someone in your business needs to conduct an investigation it's well worth downloading and following the guidance.

Tip. Throughout the guidance, "must" is used where something is a legal requirement. The word "should" indicates what Acas considers to be a good employment practice for employers.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Don't want to publish your telephone number?

If you're asked to provide a phone number but don't wish to reveal your mobile or landline number, use 0333 88 88 88 88 instead. All callers will get the following message: "Truecall38 is handling my calls. I prefer not to be contacted by phone so please contact me via my e-mail address".

Have you lost your pension?

It's estimated that one in four people have lost track of a pension, meaning that they could lose out on valuable income at retirement. If you potentially fall into this category, how can a missing pension be located.

Your first option is to contact the government's free Pension Tracing Service. If it can't help you, contact; it holds details of 800,000 lost pensions which you can search for free against your national insurance number. As a last resort, search the unclaimed asset register; this costs £25.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Website Revamped

I have recently given my website,  a makeover and welcome any and all positive comments.

The website is still packed with useful information for both tax and general business matters. Within the sections Resources and Factsheets, shown at the top of the home page you will find what I believe are extremely useful short articles regarding the many forms of taxation.

Also within Resources is a link to ClientZone where my clients are able to drop off information for me thereby saving themselves time and money travelling to my office. ClientZone gives me the ability to upload copies of accounts, tax returns etc., checklists together with articles that are tailored to your particular circumstances. You may then view these documents at any time of the day. You will no longer need to concern yourself with filing these items or the anguish of trying to relocate them at a later date.

There are also links to my firms Twitter and Facebook accounts from which I will publish details of events and important news that requires immediate notification.

Anyway, please explore the site and do let me know of anything that you would like including or improving.